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Brown Betty

(Update: as of 6/29/2003, Jeff's truck is for sale, along with two engines for $1500. Please contact Jeff for details!)

Jeff Gauldin is the proud new owner of this '62 Loadside. Jeff had the following to say about his truck:

"I got this Loadside from a friend's father in-law for doing some work for him. It was just sitting beside his garage with the weeds growing higher than the top of the truck. I've always been interested in Corvairs so when I saw this truck it seemed to call my name.

Every day I drove by his house I thought 'Man, I sure would love to have that truck!' One day he asked me to do some work on a couple of his work trucks so I said sure, if he would sell me the Corvair. This was in August of last year and the rest is history.

However, he couldn't find the title and all he could remember was the previous owner's name and that he lived in Georgia. I put in a title claim with the Department of Motor Vehicles and they sent me a new title. So as far as the truck's history that's all I know. I've not done a car history check—that gets expensive—and my better half doesn't give me much of an allowance...

I've just started really getting into rebuilding my truck. There isn't even a handful of rust on it. The only thing I've had to replace so far has been the master cylinder. It runs good but I'm cleaning and repainting everything."

We're not sure what sort of paint scheme this truck originally had. Like many '62 Loadsides, its paint code is SPEC. This truck does have the auxiliary rear lights, as does Robert Gold's truck, Jerry Goffe's truck, and Joe VonDerHaar's truck.

Great job, Jeff, on making this rare rig your first Corvair!

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