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Solid Original

Mel Herwald of McDowell, VA is the newest owner of this van. He purchased it in September, 2003. Here's what Mel had to say about his new purchase:

"It's a very solid deluxe 6-door with the only serious rust below each front door. The original vinyl interior appears to be in very good condition including the front seat. It's a 4 speed with what appears to be the original FC engine."

The engine date code is T0827RU, indicating an 8/27 build date. The RU signifies 1965 FC 110 HP manual transmission so I agree that this is probably the original power plant.

I hope Mel sends some more info on the history of the van. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures he sent:

Information from the data plate

Trim code


Paint code


Delivery Date



Custom equipment, Fawn interior
6 doors, 3rd-row seat


Fawn, two-tone



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