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Southern Belle

In November 2014, Mark Donnally, of Harrodsburg, KY, purchased this beautiful Rampside from Ed Piglia of Kenner, LA. Ed purchased this Greenbrier from Darwin Downey at Golden Classics in Clearwater, FL in July 2008 and put it up for sale in April 2012. Ed had the following to share at the time he put the truck up for sale:

"This truck is one of the finest still around. It needs absolutely nothing and is showroom beautiful. The carbs are rebuilt, new backup lights, steering stabilizer, and I replaced the speedometer with correct 4-speed model with shift point indicators. It runs super nice and is very quick."

I am surprised this lovely example stayed on the market as long as it did. Congrats, Mark on a fine purchase! Mark had the Rampside carefully transported from Louisiana to Kentucky by Thomas Sunday Auto Transport. It arrived on December 4. Mark shared:

"My Rampy arrived today and I could not be happier. I look forward to getting a plate on it and getting on the road. It will most likely spend the winter in my man cave but, come spring time, I'll be terrorizing the streets with it."

This Rampside has a 110 HP engine (code T1119V, which indicates a 1964 FC 95 HP engine built on November 19, 1963) and a 4-speed transmission. It has a super-nice paint finish, similar to the original dark green color but with an added white stripe. The truck still has its original warranty book, which is chock full of useful information, including that David R. Trout Associates purchased the truck on December 12, 1963 at Sutliff Chevrolet (in business since 1931!) in Harrisburg, PA. The book confirms the engine code and lists the original transmission code (R1104, indicating a 4-speed manual unit, built on November 4) and differential code too (HQ1125, indicating a 3.55:1 ratio unit, built on November 25).

The picture below is from the time that the truck was for sale at Golden Classics:

Previously, in August 2002, Brent Gissiner of Canton, OH bought this Rampside from Allan Ullery of St. Charles, MI. I was present for this transaction, at the Detroit Area Corvair Club's annual Homecoming event. I had the pleasure of seeing the truck in person and the picture below is from that event. The truck at that time had a "Mean Green" script, different hubcaps, and different side mirrors.

Here are some photos that Mark shared just after the truck arrived in Kentucky:

Information from the data plate

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Paint code


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Standard equipment


Dark green, solid color



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