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On this page you'll find links to other web sites that have information related to topics featured on this site. I intentionally haven't attempted to compile an exhaustive list of Corvair-related sites. There are several other folks who have done a great job of this already. (See the Meta Links section below.)

Canadian Corvairs

This is by no means an exhaustive listing of sites related to Canadian Corvairs. It does list sites to which I have some sort of connection.

Web site

Email address and Description

'65 and '66 Canadian Corvair paint charts

Gary Aube skillfully digitized paint chip charts for '65 and '66 Corvairs

Andrew Gurudata's Canadian Corvair Content

Andrew Gurudata has several cool pages, especially a comparison of '66 U.S. and Canadian owner's manuals

Paul Bruce's '66 "Coronado"

Paul (Sherwood Park, AB) has a 455 CID Toronado drivetrain stuffed in his '66 Corvair coupe

Canadian Classics

Peter Clahane's site has lots of good info on Canadian vintage & classic automobiles, especially Pontiac products unique to Canada

Canadian license plates

Check Joseph Sallmen's site for a visual history of Canadian license plates and to purchase vintage plates

CORSA Ontario

CORSA Ontario was established in 1973

GM Canada Vintage Vehicle Services

For a nominal charge, GM Canada provides complete production information on any Canadian-built Corvair

Bob Gilbert's '66 Canadian Corsa turbo convertible

Bob (Golden, BC) is restoring a '66 Canadian Corsa turbo convertible

Old Autos Canada

As their home page says: "A Canadian newspaper for the enthusiast"; While not specific to Corvairs, this paper is a good way to read about Canadian classic cars, contact their owners, and search for parts

Bording Ostergaard's collection

Bording (Edmonton, AB) has one of the largest collections of Canadian Corvairs and parts

Jim Tucker's '66 Canadian Monza coupe

Jim is the newest owner of this super-clean, highly-optioned Monza coupe (as documented by Gary Aube)

Western Canada CORSA

WCC is based in British Columbia

Corvair History

Here are some resources for learning more about the history of Corvairs in general and perhaps your vehicles in particular.

Web site

Email address and Description

Corvair ID Information Exchange

Dan Davis sponsors this resource for decoding Corvair Fisher body tags

Corvair VIN Decoder

Here is a handy resource for decoding your Corvair's Vehicle ID Number, provided by Mike Kellstrand (Canadian Corvairs included)

Corvair VIN Detail

What good is a VIN decoder without an explanation of the numbers in the VIN? Thanks to Mike Kellstrand for this resource too (Canadian Corvairs and '65 Greenbriers not included)

Corvair Alley

Rick Norris has a nifty site chock full of early CORSA history; be sure to check out the 1st Convention and Document Archive sections

Yenko Stinger History

Charlie Doerge is the webmaster of this growing repository of Yenko Stinger information, including a vehicle registry

Forward Control Corvairs

I could definitely use some more links for this section!

Web site

Email address and Description


Corvanatics is the official CORSA chapter for forward control Corvairs, maintained by Steve Spilatro

Forward Control Campers

Nice overview of factory and third-party campers on Ben Stiles' site, reprinted from the Corvanatics newsletter

Forward Control Corvair Primer

Rad Davis put together this cornucopia of Corvair FC information

Mike Kellstrand's '64 Greenbrier

Mike has some nice info and pictures about his rig; he also has information on the factory camper option


Wade Lloyd created this site for VW trucks 1952-67. It includes some pictures of a rare side loader that looks somewhat like a Rampside.

Meta Links

Links in this category point to pages of other links—typically great sources of general Corvair information.

Web site

Email address and Description

Corvair Center

Royce Hildreth's site has a nice links listing

Corvair Corsa

Gary Aube's site has many links, nicely formatted

Performance Parts and Services

Below are some links to Corvair-related performance products and services. I have used and recommend most of these.

Web site

Email address and Description

American Boxer R&D, LLC

Linn Richardson sells a Borg-Warner T-5 transmission adapted to the Corvair

American Pi, Inc.

Ray Sedman sells a number of high-performance Corvair parts: Everything from roller cams to knock eliminators!


Amsoil is one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic engine oil and other automotive lubricants

Austin's Pro/Max Performance Center

If you live in the Puget Sound area, Austin's Pro/Max is one of the premier places to take your car for performance testing

Bryan's Corvair autocrossing page

Bryan Blackwell's site has a lot of cool performance info (not just for autocrossers), including Jim Schardt's Stinger Prep Manual

Coil Spring Specialties

Coil Spring Specialties has the original specs for all Corvair coil springs so they can make just what you need, including custom heights and spring rates

Corvair EFI

Ted Brown is selling a throttle-body fuel injection kit that is bolt on

Dale Manufacturing

Dave Langsather sells his famous remanufactured harmonic balancers

Dynojet Chassis Dynomometers

Dynojet Research, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of chassis dynomometers—check their site for specs and shops around the U.S. with them

Electromotive, Inc.

Electromotive is one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket fuel injection systems

FastVair mailing list

Steve Wren established this mailing list strictly for high performance and racing Corvairs; It is a great forum for sharing information and swapping parts


Haltech is one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket fuel injection systems

Megasquirt DYI EFI Computer

Bowling & Grippo have designed a low-cost do-it-yourself electronic fuel injection computer.

Performance Coatings

If you live in the Puget Sound area, Performance Coatings is an excellent choice for engine and header thermal barriers

Pierce Manifolds

Pierce Manifolds is the largest distributor of Weber carburetors, Weber parts, and Weber conversions in the USA. They also offer a Weber carburetor rebuilding service.

TWM Induction

TWM Induction makes many performance items, among them throttle body fuel injection setups to replace Weber carburetors

Wheel Vintiques

Wheel Vintiques offers a lot of cool custom wheels at affordable prices

Tools and Information

Web site

Email address and Description

Automotive calculation programs

Bruce Bowling's site is legendary among automotive engineers & enthusiasts on the web

Car and deep cycle batteries

Bill Darden's web site on batteries is a great resource

Displacement, horsepower/torque, air flow, & volumetric efficiency

Joe Schaefer provided these handy formulas on the International Full-Size Jeep Association site

Headlamp FAQ

Daniel Stern's lighting FAQ contains a wealth of useful information on automotive headlamps

Length, weight, pressure, and volume metric converters

World Wide Metric generously provided this page of useful metric conversion programs

Lifts and tilters

Accessible Systems makes a variety of lifts to assist with everyday repairs and complete restorations

Abrasive blast cabinets, welders, buffers, air compressors, restoration tools

TP Tools is the gold standard in abrasive blast cabinets; they have a free catalog

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Motor Oil

Ed Hackett's FAQ on engine oil is a classic

Performance engine building tips

Speedomotive, Inc. provided this page of useful information about building a high-performance engine (not specific to Corvair)

Pressure conversion formulas

Transtronics, Inc. provided this page of useful pressure conversion formulas

Rad's Informational Resources

Check this page on Rad Davis' web site for some one-of-a-kind resources such as schematics for the early and late Corvair tachometers, cylinder head temperature sender characteristic curve, etc. Great stuff!


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