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A Special Bell

Duane T. Baker, of Urbana, OH, scrapped this Rampside in the 1980s. From the "SPEC" paint code and the color of the exterior paint on a door he saved, this trucks appears to have been a Bell system fleet vehicle. Duane, thanks for sharing the info on this unusual Rampside!

Information from the data plate

Trim code


Paint code


Delivery Date



Standard equipment


Special paint (*)



(Click on a heading in the table for more information on that item.)

(*) The paint code on this truck is one of only two '64 Rampsides seen so far with "SPEC", the other being St. Louis truck 106445. "SPEC" typically reflects a fleet order with a color specific to the customer. The paint code on St. Louis truck 111357 is another way Chevy handled a fleet order; in that case a paint color standard to another type of vehicle.


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